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I run and teach workshops focusing on material making and research, plant based dyes and printmaking. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a one - to - one or group workshop.

Below is an example of the workshops I can offer as well as tailoring bespoke content to suit your needs.

Intro to Biomaterials

An introduction to what a biomaterial is, responsible biomaterial making and understanding resource use and working with waste, creating your own algae based bioplastics and composite biomaterials


Intro to plant dyes

learn about fibre selection, mordanting, making dye baths from locally sourced dye plants and organic waste and using modifiers

Eco printing and Hapazome

This is a fast and fun way to engage with plant dyes, working with bundle dyeing and the hammering technique to transfer plant colour onto fibre

Material Library session

In this library session we will explore what a material is, identifying and classifying material categories as well as looking at historial materials compare to today's future materials

Printing with plant dyes

Working with plant based dyes, lake pigments and biobinders to screenprint and relief print on fabric

Relief Printing

Working with linocut and woodblock to create repeat prints on both paper and fabric


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