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This body of work was inspired by my time in Campulung, Romania on residency with the Circular Catalysts project, British Council Romania. Staying at the beautiful Golescu Villa I explored and documented imagery and motifs from the house itself and surrounding town.


I gathered inspiration from the restored villa and objects of the Cantili family, as well as capturing patterns from various places and people we visited during my stay. This included documenting examples of traditional textiles and other crafts displayed at the Enthnographic Museum and the churches and historical houses of the town. I was kindly invited into Maria Plopeanu and Andreea Savescu's homes to experience their own family textiles heritage.


I came away with a rich source of imagery and inspiration, deciding to channel this into a collection of textiles. Working with woodblock printing and natural dyes I created a series of patterns and printed textile hangings

IMG_9580 copy.jpg
IMG_9466 copy.jpg
anoushka_printedtextiles3 copy.jpg
anoushka_printedtextiles_1 copy.jpg
3 x wall hangings exhibition 2.jpg
IMG_9537 copy.jpg
IMG_9538 copy.jpg
IMG_9533 copy.jpg
IMG_9544 copy.jpg
IMG_9546 copy.jpg
IMG_9560 copy.jpg
IMG_9558 copy.jpg
IMG_9569 copy.jpg
traced patterns5.jpg
traced patterns4.jpg
traced patterns3.jpg
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