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N A T U R A L   D Y E S

The textile industry has a massively damaging environmental impact, with textile dyeing being the second largest polluter of clean water after the agricultural industry.

This project was a simple exploration of just how successful natural dyes can be.

By collecting common food waste such as fruit and vegetable skins and exploring opensource recipes and available advise for using these ingredients we developed a range of naturally dyed samples to showcase what can be achieved.

This project not only showcases the fact that non toxic and polluting alternatives are available to the textile dye industry but also that these ingredients can be sourced directly from your kitchen waste. Using onion skin, banana peel, avocado skin and stones and natural dye plants madder and weld we achieved a diverse range of colours through a trial and error process.

Nature often has a way of providing us with the tools we need, and for many industries was once the common method and starting point. It is only with mass consumerism and globalisation that companies have turned to environmentally damaging alternatives.

naturaldyes bannana.jpg

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