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Material Lab Curator @ Green Lab, London

In early 2019 we launched a Material Lab and Library at Green Lab, London, in collaboration with Materiom.

The Material Lab is a research facility for material exploration, offering both practitioners and students experimental work space to explore materials at a tacit level. The lab itself offers accessible equipment, similar to that of an industrial kitchen, as well as more advanced and specialist technology. The space is focused on organic material research, encouraging practices with a focus on waste resources. biomaterials, and living systems.

The Material Library is a collection of samples and products showcasing the diverse materials being developed and the growing tend for sustainable design. The samples range from materials currently being researched, as well as showcasing materials that are being produced at scale for industry. As well as newly emerging materials the library also celebrates ancient examples of resourcefulness, highlighting the importance of previous material breakthroughs and understanding our material heritage. 

We have reguarly run material workshops for both students and industry, as well as opening the library to visitors on a monthly basis. The hands on workshops have ranged from experimental sessions for those engaging with material research for the first time, to more in depth briefs developed for specific courses and universities. These have included the following courses, institutions and businesses : MA Industrial Design - Central Saint Martins UAL, MA User Experience Design - London College of Communication UAL, MA Material Futures - Central Saint Martins UAL, Beasley 24 - Seedlip

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