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L E M O N   C O A S T E R S
G R E E N L A B   X   S E E D L I P   X   L Y A N E S S


client project: Material Researcher & Maker

The lemon coaster project was a collaboration between Green Lab, Seedlip and Lyaness. With a shared interest in utilising waste to develop material solutions, we created a closed loop design system. Taking spent lemon husks from Lyaness we designed a process to repurpose this waste into drinks coasters that could be used back at the bar.


The project weaves an important narrative of reutilising 'waste' into something of value. By changing the notion of what a luxury experience should involve we bought waste to the front of the establishment and demonstrated it's beautful potential.

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Infographic Story.Copy updated_22.07-02.
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