project fish

With declining fish stocks, a struggling fishing industry and the cultural landscape of our coasts under threat, I aim to celebrate such communities and their associated crafts whilst at the same time care-taking for the environment.

A poetic response to a marginalised community and a forgotten resource.

The UK fishing industry has been forgotten and left to decay on the coastlines. Many of these traditional communities are now left marginalised with a lack of prosperity as well as opportunity, and without much to offer in the way of enticing rejuvenation or regeneration.

Exploring this forgotten and discarded resource, my project aims to celebrate the primitive relationship between humanity and the sea, crafting meaningful and valued artifacts that cement our bond with the surrounding environment.

This project acts as a poetic response to a complex and multifaceted problem. The project is not meant to propose a solution to fix these issues, but instead acts as a catalyst to promote and inspire change.