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With declining fish stocks, a struggling fishing industry and the cultural landscapes of our coasts under threat, Project Fish is a celebration of the potential resources our coastal communities could utilise whilst care-taking for the environment.

The project is a poetic response to a marginalised community and a forgotten resource. Working with fishemen based around the south east coast I gained an insight into the challenges these communities face and the frustration that’s felt surrounding the bureaucracy that effects their industry. Many towns now face a lack of prosperity as well as opportunity, without much in the way of enticing rejuvenation or regeneration.

Exploring fish skin as a forgotten and discarded resource, the project aims to celebrate the primitive relationship between humanity and the sea - crafting meaningful and valued artifacts that cement our bond with the surrounding environment.

The project is a poetic response to a complex and multifaceted problem, with an aim to act as a catalyst to promote and inspire change, whilst highlighting the potential value of a commonly wasted resource.

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